Precious metals

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What are precious metals?

Precious metals like gold and silver are negotiable financial instruments and classified as commodities, which makes their price relatively uniform across the world.

Traders tend to use precious metals as “safe haven” assets. It becomes more negotiable when economic developments and political turmoil increase volatility in other markets. Ultimately, when adverse market conditions arise from wars, economic stagnation, government debt problems, or other factors, gold retains its value, while stocks and currencies are subject to major losses.

The supply of gold and silver is remarkably limited, and this makes their values ​​even higher. While gold is used as a safe-haven asset, silver is usually used in industrial production, so it is more vulnerable to price fluctuations due to changes in working conditions.

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Precious metals

How to trade on precious metals

Buying and selling precious metals does not require you to buy or sell the product in its physical condition. You simply predict price changes, just as you would with other financial derivatives.

However, factors affecting the price of precious metals adversely affect other types of financial instruments. Where stocks may witness a decrease in their value due to political turmoil or wars, while precious metals will witness a great rush to invest in them as a result of these conditions, which leads to higher prices.

The factors affecting the prices of precious metals are usually supply and demand, national and global economic trends, inflation, the strength of the US dollar, interest rates, government policy, technology and others.

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